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Berlin Queertangofestival



Astrid Weiske For more than 17 years Astrid has been dancing Tango Argentino and is well known and respected in the tango communities worldwide as an excellent leading woman. She has developed strong sensitivity in leading, great creativity in improvising and playful musicality which stand out as key elements in her dance. But Astrid is recognized also for her skills as follower which expand her knowledge of the dance much more.

Since 2005 she has been teaching in Berlin at "PHYNIXtanzt" Studio, traveling as a guestteacher and followed invitations in Germany, UK and also abroad to Canada or Argentina and received invitations to teach and perform on several Festivals like Queertangofestival Copenhagen, Phantastango Festival (Germany) or Queertango Festival Buenos Aires. She offers also classes, workshops in Berlin also with renown international guestteachers for gays, lesbians and transgender. Her queer milonga she established since 2005, two times a year, is an accepted tango event and part of the Berlin tango life. 2011 she organize the first international Queertangofestival in Berlin with several worldwide renown guesteachers and artists from Buenos Aires, Germany and other countries.

Her main influence and deep understanding tango in dancing and teaching she got from her constant studies all over the years with renown dancers like: Brigitta Winkler, Gustavo Naveda y Giselle Anne, Cecilia Gonzalez, Chicho Frumboli, Pablo Pugliese y Noel Strazza, Tomas Howlin or Homer and Christina Ladas.

Her exploration of the many techniques of tango, from the very classical to the very experimental, leading and following, including other dance forms like contact improvisation or modern dance makes her believe that there is no "one" Tango. She believes in creative, liberating variety and connection of ideas, movements and technique by repecting the roots of Argentine Tango. She promote that fusion to reduce borders and let find people their own expression in the dance.

Her teaching is based on awareness, analysis of natural movement in combination with her profund knowledge of technique, structure of the dance and awareness of connection in the couple. Creating a constant dialogue between leaders and followers who share the responsibility of listening and reacting to each other, based on a strong connection to the music.

With her special love to the music she developed her passion for DJing. Most inspired by traditional music and the golden age orchestras she also plays alternative music or Tango Nuevo, depends to the milonga and the mood of the crowd on the floor. She dj's on different milongas in Berlin and abroad and was invited in the past to serveral festivals like Neotangofestival Düsseldorf or Phantastango in Phännerhall.


Besides her own teaching Astrid Weiske had the idea when she started also to invite international renown guestteachesr. Following queer and non queer teachers and performers had been guests since 2005 :

Augusto & Miguel

Augusto & Miguel (BsAs)

Marianna Docampo

Marianna Docampo (BsAs)

Pablo Pugliese & Noel Strazza

Pablo Pugliese & Noel Strazza (BsAs)

Cecilia Gonzalez

Cecilia Gonzalez (BsAs)

Lexa Rosean

Lexa Rosea (NYC)

Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianci

Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianci (BsAs)